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V ELVIT LEMON OIL is comprised of pure natural ingredients. It cleans, polishes and preserves fine furniture and other surfaces. Apply sparingly with a slight dampened soft cloth, then wipe the excess oil off of the surface with a clean, dry toweling. Always apply and dry with the grain.

For Dusting: Make your own dust cloth by mixing 2 cups of hot water with 1/4 cup VELVIT LEMON OIL. Saturate a clean, soft cotton cloth. Squeeze out excess. Hang to dry. You can also revitalize an old pretreated dust cloth in this maner. Launder and repeat process as often as necessary.

This rich lemon oil polish is for use on furniture, woodwork, wood paneling, kitchen cupboards and all types of finished or oiled surfaces. This product may also be used to aid in cleaning aluminum and stainless steel.

VELVIT LEMON OIl is non-aerosol for environmental protection...and non-combustible for safety. The product does not contain linseed oil, beeswax, silicones or solvents. For this reason, no "build-up" will occur when VELVIT LEMON OIL is used.
Velvit Oil

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